FOR $ALE personal data

I'm Shawn Buckles

and I will sell my personal data to the highest bidding organization. Auction closes at the 12th of April 2014.*

Auction has closed.

The winner is The Next Web
with their bid of €350,-

During this project I've wrote
a pamphlet on privacy. It's called the Privacy Pamphlet. Read it here.

What you'll get

The highest bidder will receive the following of my data:

My personal profile

My location track records

My train track records

My personal calendar

My email conversations

My online conversations

My thoughts

My consumer preferences

My browsing history

Buy me out

Auction has closed the 12th of April
at 12.00pm Amsterdam Time.

Everyday, I collect a vast amount of personal data. The computers I’m surrounded with have memory: they monitor my every move. While current legislation is lagging, organizations trade my privacy massively.

I agree to all of this by using services as Google, Facebook and Apple. They specialize in collecting data on (consumer)behavior, location and interests -and use my (online) conversations and agenda to map out my networks.

Though the real problem lies with governments misusing this big data.

Facebook isn’t free. You pay with your identity.