To the people of the world

14th of April 2014, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Humans create the tools that bring us civilization, that enlighten us, that connect and divides us. That undermines us.

Our freedom is at stake. I'll explain myself.

Our right to privacy is at stake. Privacy is the right to live unobserved and undisturbed, and to decide for oneself what information one shares and with whom. Privacy is based upon a personal enviroment in which we can seclude ourselves. Privacy is essential in shaping one's identity. It enables us to make autonomous choices. Not freedom of speech but privacy is our right to freedom. Because, what’s the use of speaking our minds when we’re not able to make up our minds in the first place?

But privacy is gone. We gave it up, for no other reason but the thought that it's useless. Why don't we protect our rights? Our ancestors fought fiercely for them -because they were oppressed.

We are children of peace. We have lived in peace for almost three generations now. Because of that I reckon two things. One: peace is self-evident. Two: I don't need my privacy.

I will disprove both statements.

I've got nothing to hide

This is a fallacy. What will happen if a Hitler takes power tomorrow? Nobody'd be safe. He wouldn't only know our location, networks and believes, also he could pretty accurately predict our behavioural patterns and our patterns of resistance. To flee or hide would be impossible. We'd be powerless. Whether we have something to hide is defined by the context in which we live.

There will come a day we need the right to privacy. Maybe that day's today. Are we free? Do we live in peace?
That depends on who you regard as your friend. And more importantly: how your friends regard you.

The police state is completed

For many years now, governments around the world seem to prepare for war. They mobilise their policeforces. The internal security market has growed exponentially. Borders have been closed. But who are they at war with?

Technology is an absolute entity. Politicians cannot control it. Companies have no power over it. Currently it's being used to control and condition us. It numbs us, entertains us, distracts us. It addicts us. It dictates its own pace. Do we want to conform to its rythm? Who is here so base that would be a bondman?

Shawn Buckles