Shawn Buckles

Artist, writer
I'm currently working as a writer

In 2014 I've sold my digital data to the highest bidder, which turned out to be The Next Web. In this short but powerful project I've reached millions of people, raising critical questions on the state of privacy.
After this I've created a commissioned work of art for Into The Great Wide Open.
In 2015 I took on artist management for Stuart Mavis, which is quite an eventful experience, seen the fact we've signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands (2016). Stuart's debute EP will be released in 2018.
From 2014 on I've hosted several events to discuss a variety of topics: for example privacy, media and autonomy, and the Syrian refugee-crisis.
I've also been invited to several panels and lectures on privacy. In 2016 I've co-hosted a dialogue on the Moral Machine at the University of Humanities in Utrecht; I've also assisted students at the Bildung Academy (part of the University of Amsterdam) during the Digitalization module. Most recently I've given a lecture on the Music Industry at the University of Groningen at the faculty of Media Studies.