Shawn Buckles

try to work as little as possible, so very expensive

manuals containing instructions on a variety of important matters

on choice

choose to choose

on advice

don't take advice from others, take my advice on it

on truth

it's a fact that the truth does not exist

on death

death is lifes endpoint, it's only goal is dying. more patient people make a thing out of waiting, i can't, i just feel useless.

on waisting time or procrastination

remember you'll probably die someday

on depression

no time to live in the past, remember you'll probably die someday.

on anxiety

to discover it's source distrust your future self intensly, that's it right?

on time

the past and future do not exist, you're thinking of them now.

on efficiency

i highly recommened multitasking as often as possible

on the possibility of being a clone

if you're a clone it would be impossible to find out

how to drive a car

don't, they destroy our planet

how to drive an electric car

by the time they're worth driving they'll drive themselves. better put money for license aside & let it cumulate, then buy self-driving electric flycar instead of useless license

how to cope with social isolation

answer extensive lists of questions that no one put forward and put them on the web. in short, use the internet to pretend you're interesting.