Shawn Buckles

try to work as little as possible, so very expensive

my achievements in no particular order


it's hard to wait for stuff to happen


early 2014 i've thought extensively about some stuff


there's reading and there's reading, if you can't see the difference you're still learning obviously.


happy i can write to congratulate you on your reading skills


i've once publicated a comment somewhere, forgot where


needed to reach for cookies or something


this achievement didn't bring any particular joy but i'm glad now to not drown once in a while


a strange thing, can't tell you how it's done, but i'm so very good at it, don't know how to stop

meaning of life

figured it out but it was late so i forgot, it's not important anyway

observing the world

i'm good at looking at the world and not saying a thing and also in not looking at the world and saying a lot, i guess this qualifies as being the latter

remembered the meaning of life

i remembered it's a finger pointing at the moon

fictionalisation of the self

learned to come up with this achievement